All Hands - Episode One


Series premiere! Rumored layoffs overshadow Aaron's surprise 30th birthday party despite Jack's best efforts to convince his friends and fellow coworkers Olivia, Bryn and Aaron's brother Derek that being laid-off could be an entrepreneurial blessing in disguise.  Season 2 starts June 18th. 

Small Business Commentary from Hiscox

Layoffs can be painful and are never welcome, but they’re also one of the main spurs that prompt people to start their own small business. Many ‘take the leap’ and turn a moment of uncertainty into opportunity to pursue their dreams and become their own boss. But, starting your own business doesn’t have to be the all-in bet that some people imagine. Understanding your risks and protecting yourself with the right small business insurance can help you limit your downside and protect your other assets, like your house and your more on the Hiscox small business blog.