Train Wreck - Episode One


Season two premiere. After an encounter with June Pepper (guest star Eliza Dushku), Jack (Drew Lanning) goes missing right before he's scheduled to announce big news about C3D on "What's Trending with Shira Lazar." Presented by Hiscox.

Small Business Commentary from Hiscox

The whole crew is back for Season 2 of Leap Year and things haven’t slowed down a bit. The mad scramble at the end of Season 1 to get the C3D holographic messaging prototype finished has now been replaced by a push to get their product finalized, generate buzz and start selling. To top that all off, they’ve also moved to Silicon Valley - land of the startup.

The circumstances have changed, but the Leap Year characters are still taking on their familiar roles:

Aaron is worrying about his wife and new baby daughter (thanks for the help, Sergei), Bryn is wearing dark clothes and secretively working on the prototype, Olivia is talking up a storm to everyone she meets (sometimes about C3D, sometimes just about cakes), Derek is doing...something and Jack is using his patented sales tactics on potential customers, partners and every woman he meets.

For a startup, each hurdle you get over often seems like it is replaced by another, more difficult hurdle to clear. With $500,000 secured thanks to Andy Corvell, and a last minute assist from Glenn Cheeky, the group is on the clock to deliver a product to market that will impress the media, analysts and their investors. more on the Hiscox small business blog.