A Moment of Weakness - Episode Seven


Bryn can't seem to leave the C3D office after a series of events send her into a spiral of guilt. Derek gets fired when his brother Aaron discovers what he's been up to.

Small Business Commentary from Hiscox

A scorned woman, a programmer with dual personalities, a rival executive literally in the closet and a double-crossing brother. That’s a good foundation for a Greek tragedy or a modern day telenovela, or the current season of Leap Year. In a near perfect storm of personal and professional challenges the C3D team is on the verge of a complete breakdown, and nowhere closer to getting their product ready for the launch. The Kiss continues to reverberate back at the C3D offices and the late nights there are more about loneliness and soul-searching than the all night programming sessions people normally expect at a startup...read more on the Hiscox small business blog.