One of those Nights - Episode Two


Their office in ruins, the C3D team hires a detective (guest star Emma Caulfield) to find out what happened. Meanwhile, the stresses of startup life begin impacting Lisa (Rachel Risen) and Aaron's (Yuri Baranovsky) marriage.

Small Business Commentary from Hiscox

From the looks of things, C3D has started to attract a lot of attention in Silicon Valley. Some of this is positive buzz from the press like the semi-successful appearance Jack made last week on What’s Trending. But the specific attention to the C3D office – that is smashing it up and stealing their latest prototypes – is much less welcome. Not only did Jack promise a product launch in three months, three times faster than they planned, now Bryn will need to start from scratch to get their new product ready in record more on the Hiscox small business blog.